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When is an entertainment Podcast more than a Podcast? When Its The Digital Vibe!

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The Digital Vibe is the “show of shows” on entrepreneurship! If you want to listen to a great show on business and that is inspirational, motivational, and informative, then YOU need to listen to this! The Digital Vibe is not just a podcast, but a show that is entrepreneurial, instructional motivational, and informative. The NEW shows are on the cutting edge of podcasting as well as content. It has numerous shows in one platform and this makes for variety and creativity.

If your looking for some exciting entertainment, no not Entertainment Tonight or some titillating piece of celebrity news but, a "real" podcast that will keep you tuning in again and again and will even tempt you to tell all your friends as it is a very viral podcast.  You can be sure that when you tune in on time, you will be back!!  Take a look at our latest shows that are scheduled for 2018 that I hope you enjoy and you better tell all your friends..

Featuring Brand Shopping Network's Podcast, "Brand Talking", This is what this show is all about..

Brand Talking

What is this all about?  Glad you should ask.  "Brand Talking" is all about brands and talking about some of my favorite brands and what they have to offer.  My favprite brands are

of course my brands which I have founded, created, and developed to become up and coming brands to be reckoned with.  Check it out and see for yourself what I am talking about.


This is what's up for 2018...

"All About Annette"

Need I say more..more of the same but with a twist on this one.  I will be doing more storytelling, impromtu, and a whole lot of cool stuff.  If you want to hear something that has it's

own unique spin with creativity and freshness, then you WILL want to check this out on Friday's in the am, check it out!

 "Quote Of The Day"

Love quotes?  I do and their so inspiring!  These are quotes that will give you a kick and get you out of bed in the morning.  Need that?  Then each month you will have your daily dose of quotes from some of the worlds' authors.  I promise you that after these quotes YOU will be inspired, trust me!!!

"Book Of The Month"

As founder and owner, and lover of books, you will love this podcast.  Why?  If you are a book lover like I am and you are already reading books, then this podcast is sure to please. As a lifetime learner, I will review and recommend books from all genres from a variety of authors including myself.  If you really want to get the "inside scoop" on books that are going places then tune into this podcast for what I promise will be very engaging. Remember this...YOU are never to old to read or learn something new, agree????

"Any Questions???"

This is very inviting...I want YOU to do just that with me...what are your thoughts?  Let them be made known here on The Digital Vibe when you make comments on my Facebook page..Just below the episode that you just listened to..see it???  That's where I want you to ask questions that pertain to business, podcasting, The Digital Vibe itself, suggest.  I may not have all the answers, but you can still ask.

"Educational Courses"

Educate..Educate..Educate.Why?? Because if you beleive that education has its own purpose after it is learned then you are like me.  Every now and again, I will air an educational podcast on topics I know in the "Internet Marketing" space.  Subjects like Affiliate Marketing, Podcasting, Entrepreneurship, Publishing, and Internet Marketing, I will discuss here. Some courses are free and some are paid. So if you are like me and love to learn and keep your cognitive brain functioning, then tune in to my educational courses and I promise you that you will be better equipped and informed about that subject than you were before. Do you want to trust me on that?? Why not, I would.

"Featured Podcast"

This is an open podcast and I as the boss get to decide which special feature I want to put out there for you to listen to.  I don't know what it will be but trust me, it's like a mystery date, you will find out once we "meet up" and engage together. Mmmm, so it's a date??  See you then.

"Health Podcast"

I am a fitness buff, are you?  I love the health kick and I love to stay in shape.  Nutrition is key to so many things and it is so important that you stay in shape if you want your unique body to last.  One thing I love is educating myself on foods that are healthy not so much trendy.  I am not into the common fads, I just love to eat and eat healthy.  One of the greatest things that come with lasting wellness is that you stay well, live well, and feel well. You are only as good as you feel.  How are you feeling?  If you believe that "health is the wealth", then you need to tune into this podcast that will inform you on how to LIVE WELL..


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